Dear Donors and Supporters

I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big "Thank YOU" to all of the generous donors and supporters who supported my campaign.

We fought hard, and I hope that you all have benefited from this experience. Thirty six of the thirty seven incumbents were re-elected, which speaks volumes of an electorate that accepts the status quo, in spite of many challenges that we face for the next four years. However, I do accept the will of the people in our wonderful democracy.

I sincerely believe that we could only have done what we did because of your assistance, guidance and confidence in my ability to be a formidable representative of the people.

I am eternally grateful...thank you all.

Once all campaign related work is wrapped up, each donor will be receiving a final Rebate contribution Receipt which you will use for your 2014 Income Tax Return.

Once again THANK YOU for your support.

Yours Truly,

Ken Jeffers

Candidate for City Council - WARD 42


Economic Development: Inspire developers to revive the real estate market and increase investments to benefit the local community and businesses. Engage foreign investors through various incentives to increase business development in our community.

Transportation: Engage the Transit Commission to developing further Subway lines into Scarborough and increase the frequency of bus services.

Youth Initiative: Establish career readiness and training centres, to combat youth poverty by promoting economic benefits through meaningful employment. Create an Intercultural Youth Caring About Toronto committee to encourage interaction among different youth groups throughout Toronto.

Senior Programs: Enact accessible and affordable programs to increase quality of life for seniors.

Community Engagement: Design solutions to build safer neighbourhoods by collaborating with the community and utilizing my extensive knowledge of diversity and various cultures. Establish a Sharing Sports and Culture committee to engage interculturalism and employment opportunities for youth through sports.

Community Services: Review, reform and evaluate city services to make them more cost effective, efficient and accessible to its citizens. Establish a Ward 42 committee to provide a channel of discussion and recommendation for improvement in the community.


Ken Jeffers has over 35 years’ experience in working as a community engagement specialist and manager of Access & Diversity in the City of Toronto. He has provided leadership for the entire Recreational Budget in the City of Toronto as the Community Services Administrator. Utilizing strategic leadership, Ken excelled as a public service manager, by initiating and directing successful strategies through program planning, development and policy formulation for the City at the Municipal, Provincial, Federal and International levels.

Through his organizational development and change management experience, Ken has an in-depth strategic knowledge with both small and large scale systems of complex environments. He has initiated and developed the Rights to Human Rights video training program as a learning tool for the Parks and Recreation staff in Canada.

For several years, Ken successfully monitored the grant budget allocation for Parks, Forestry and Recreation services. He is an advocate of creating programs to help youth find meaningful work and engaging employment, to minimize the poverty line. As a diversity and community activist, Ken has significant knowledge of strategic and operational issues to help implement concepts of interculturalism and diversity in Toronto.

Ken was born in Trinidad & Tobago and in 1968 migrated to the USA on a track scholarship to the state University of South Carolina. In 1969, Ken moved to Canada. Ken is family oriented, straight talker, man of his word that delivers on his promises. He is a passionate advocate for Civil & Community Rights, Youth initiatives, economic development and promoting interculturalism & diversity.

In the span of over 40 years, Ken has excelled as a leader, activist, economic developer, youth program initiator and budget manager. Ken’s extensive knowledge and background makes him the best candidate to represent our community of Ward 42.



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